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Email or call/text 308.380.1232. Please include your name, wedding date, a couple of photos, and any questions you may have.

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A lot of straightforward questions are answered on the Info Page. Please take a minute to read before contacting me.

Whether you simply have a question, need clarification on something listed on the info page, are seeking a price quote, or would like to set up an appointment, please include the following information along with a few photos.

Please copy/paste the form in the white box into your email. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Message: (Please include a brief list of things you think may need changed on your dress as well as any other questions.)


Please send at least two photos if you are able. Below is an idea of what kind of photos are most helpful in obtaining a price quote.

  • Most important: A photo of you in the dress that shows the full length. Both a front and a back with the full train is great, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Secondary: Detail photos if your dress has any lace or beading. This would include a close-up of the side seams (for example, does the lace cover the side seam or is the seam exposed?), close-up of the hem (are there lots of different layers or a scallop lace edge?), or anything that you have specific questions about (Is there a hole or snag? Does the bust fit funny? Can the straps be removed? etc.)
  • Least important but very helpful: A lot of stores will clip your dress where it’s too big while you are shopping –if you have photos that show these clips, that can be helpful as it tells me where exactly it’s too big.