Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to the most asked questions.  If you didn’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact me.

You have 3 location options for your fittings:

My Place – You can come to my apartment near University Village/Ravenna Park. I will give you my address will be given out once we schedule an appointment.

Your Place – I can come to you. Mobile service within a travel radius of 7 miles from U Village/Ravenna Park. If you are outside of this area you may come to me for free or you may pay a travel fee, if my schedule permits (prices below). 

BFAC –  If you purchased your dress at Brides for a Cause we may meet there. I go to BFAC on Tuesdays during their normal business hours of 10am-5pm.

Travel fee prices:

    • 0-7 miles of University Village/Ravenna Park: Free
    • 8-10 miles: $25
    • 11-15 miles: $40
    • 16-20 miles: $60
    • over 20: subject to approval, generally not available

Travel fees are a one time fee that covers 2-3 trips. Anything over 3 trips may incur additional fees.

Note: all fees are subject to change at any point

Costs are based on the combination of two things:

    1. The complexity of your gown. Unfortunately, not all gowns are put together with the alterations specialist in mind. Some are very easy to take apart while others are not.  
    2. Each “task” that needs to be performed. For example, I will charge for taking it in, for the hem, for the bustle, for shortening straps, etc. 

You will not be charged based on how many times we meet, but by each task that needs completed. 

If you have questions, or would like a general estimate, you can email me a photo of you in your gown and I can give you an approximate price. If you’d like a consultation in person, I ask for a non-refundable $50 deposit that will be used toward your alteration fees. 

Payment is due once your gown is sewn and finished. I accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. 

Since I am a mobile service, I charge a $50 deposit for an in person consultation. This deposit goes towards your alteration fees, but is not refundable if you chose to go elsewhere. If you would like to avoid this fee you can email me a photo of your gown and a brief list of what you think you need done to it (taken in, hem, bustle, straps tightened, etc.) and I will give you a price range. We can also chat over the phone at any time about your gown and what the possible prices would be.

Most people opt to email me a photo but I am more than happy to do an in person consultation.

To ensure your gown is sewn properly, you will need to have any undergarments or shoes you plan to wear with your gown. This may include a strapless bra, an adhesive bra (for backless or low back dresses), a crinoline slip, shape-wear, or it may mean nothing at all. If you are unsure, I’m happy to advise you at the first fitting. 

I strongly recommend having your EXACT shoes that you will be wearing with your gown. If you’re guessing at what height of heel you might be wearing then the hem of you gown could be off.

I bring bra cups to every fitting for you to try on if you would like. They are wonderful things that help fill out and round the bust seams of a dress and are the best option for most, though not all, women. If you are someone that needs more lift, or would like more cleavage definition, then you will need a separate bra. Since bra cups are sewn into the dress and they aren’t attached to your body (like a bra is), they don’t support you in the same way. If you are unsure, we can try them at your first fitting to see if you like them. If they don’t do what you are hoping, then you can find a bra by the time of your second appointment. 

Usually there are 2-3 fittings, although there could be more. We will discuss a timeline for your fittings during your first appointment. 

I suggest doing your first fitting 2 months before your wedding, but don’t wait until 2 months to make your appointment—call early and get an appointment set up as soon as you can. By starting 2 months before your wedding we will have your second fitting 4-6 weeks later (2-4 weeks before your wedding) and this is typically when everything will be done. If any minor things need done at the second fitting, there will still be plenty of time to do them.

If you are wanting to start sooner that is absolutely fine, but still plan on getting your dress back within 2 months as I will not typically store a dress longer than that.

If you are losing weight or are pregnant, I understand that you will need your alterations started closer to your wedding date. I ask that you call ahead and get on my schedule so I don’t get overbooked. It is never too early to call to get on my appointment book. 

Depending on how full my schedule is, sometimes I can take on a rush job. Please ask! The rush fees below are priced based on how quickly I need to sew your gown, not on how long you have until your wedding. For example, if your wedding is 6 weeks away, but you need it back 2 weeks before your wedding that will most likely incur a rush fee. Also I might not be able to get you in right away and that might incur a rush fee as well.

Rush fees: (subject to change at any point)

    • Sewn in less than 4 weeks: $100
    • Less than 2 weeks: $150+

I do minor fixes for free (with a minimum alterations fee of $100). This includes replacing a hook/eye, resewing a few tack points, tacking down lace that has come unstitched, repairing a small hole or rip (when it is repairable), resewing a button, trimming loose threads, and minor beadwork.

If something needs fixed that would necessitate me buying fabric, buttons, beads, etc. then there will be a fee. For example, several buttons are missing on the back of a gown and need replacing. Sometimes I can find matches to buttons, but most of the time designers use custom buttons that can be impossible to find so the best thing to do is to replace all of them so they match. This would be incur a fee. The same thing can be true if a lot of beads need replaced.

You certainly do not have to have your gown cleaned before you wear it. If it looks good then you don’t need to worry about it. But if it is visibly dirty, I usually recommend having a gown dry cleaned before starting your alterations. Although it is not common, sometimes dry cleaning can cause problems to a dress and having this happen BEFORE alterations means that I can fix them. For example, sometimes a lace overlay can shrink up and you don’t want to have already hemmed your dress then have it end up too short!